How To See Recently Deleted Apps On The Iphone

How To See Recently Deleted Apps On The Iphone – Want to see a list of recently deleted apps on iPhone or Android? Maybe it’s because you want to reinstall part of it. Or maybe you want to check if someone else with access to your phone has installed and deleted something without permission.

While iOS and Android don’t keep track of deleted apps, you always have the option to view a list of apps that aren’t on the device. So it’s pretty easy to get an idea of ​​what apps you – or someone else with access to your device – might have downloaded and deleted recently.

How To See Recently Deleted Apps On The Iphone

How To See Recently Deleted Apps On The Iphone

The best way to find apps you may have recently uninstalled on your iPhone and iPad is to check the App Store shopping list. Don’t worry – it also records all apps that can be downloaded for free.

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If an app is at the top of the list and appears to be a fairly recent addition, it’s safe to assume it was recently deleted.

However, you may also – or someone else – may have deleted the app at the bottom of the list a while ago. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know other than checking the Files app for recent app activity.

If you want to download an app in the list again, just tap the download icon next to it. If you also want to recover deleted data related to apps, you may need to restore your iPhone via iCloud or iTunes. However, some apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat have built-in backup mechanisms, so you might want to check them first.

That said, the iPhone and iPad also allow you to hide App Store purchases. Therefore, it is a good idea to look at your hidden shopping list. To get it:

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It should display a list of apps that you have hidden on your iPhone and iPad. Recent hidden purchases or downloads are displayed at the top of the screen.

The hidden purchase list doesn’t offer a download button, so you’ll have to view the app and download it via the App Store purchase list (which lets you know exactly when the app was originally downloaded or purchased). If you don’t want to bother with the details, just search for the app in the App Store and download it.

Tip: iPhone and iPad offer several ways to hide apps from the home screen without uninstalling them. Learn how to find hidden apps on iPhone and iPad.

How To See Recently Deleted Apps On The Iphone

If you’re using an Android phone, the fastest way to find out which apps have been recently removed from your device is to use the Google Play Store.

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If there are any apps you would like to download, check the box next to each item and press the Download button. You may also want to know how to restore or restore deleted app data.

The list above does not show apps specific to Android phone manufacturers – e.g. Samsung. Therefore, you may also want to look at the gallery of third-party apps built into your device.

It is impossible to use Google Play Store and app gallery like Galaxy Store to identify all recently deleted apps as the best you can do is to filter uninstalled apps by purchase/download date.

To overcome the problem, you can install a third-party tool on the Android device to track deleted apps forward. It will also include sideloaded apps from the APK repository.

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For example, here’s how to use App Manager to see recently deleted apps after you set them up.

Note: To ensure that the most recently deleted apps are displayed at the top, tap the filter icon and verify that the Time After Delete filter is active.

Aside from App Manager, many other tools in the Google Play Store can track recently deleted or missing apps, so check them out. However, a similar app is not available for iPhone.

How To See Recently Deleted Apps On The Iphone

As you just saw, it’s not difficult to get an idea of ​​recently uninstalled apps by looking at your iPhone or Android purchase history. Hopefully, both mobile operating systems will add built-in options that make it easier to track recently uninstalled apps in the future. If you’re using an Android device, don’t forget that you always have the option to manually set up an app monitoring tool to keep a log of all app uninstalls.

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There are many reasons why you might need to recover the data of an app that you have deleted. Often times people delete an app only to find out they need it again but can’t remember the name. There are also cases where apps are accidentally deleted by the owner or someone else who has access to the phone. You may also be forced to perform a factory reset, which will remove any apps you have installed on your device.

This article shows the options you have to view recently deleted Google Play apps and possibly recover them and the data they contain.

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The easiest way to access your deleted apps is already on your device. The Google Play app stores the apps you’ve downloaded and lets you view your app history. Follow these simple instructions.

It’s important to indicate that the list of apps applies to your Google Account and all your devices, not just the one you’re currently using. Every app you’ve ever downloaded on any device (unless you’ve deleted any) shows up in the list, so it’s a handy tool.

Another important note is that the payment app can be used on any Google device, not just the one making the purchase. If you use the Google Play Library method to restore apps you’ve already purchased, you won’t have to pay for them again.

How To See Recently Deleted Apps On The Iphone

If you need to dig into your device’s history, PhoneRescue is a robust recovery tool for Android devices. The software does more than display your missing app data. It can also recover a lot of deleted content. The manufacturer claims that it works on almost any Android device. The software is free to try, but eventually you will need to purchase a license to continue using it.

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If you don’t have a regular Android phone or tablet but instead have a Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet, you can find deleted apps in the Galaxy Store. Provided you’re signed in to your Galaxy account, you can find your missing apps there. How to use it?

The Android OS (operating system) can be a strange and strange thing. If all your apps are disappearing randomly, there are usually several reasons why. The first is that somehow you can accidentally delete everything.

To check if it was accidentally deleted, set the phone to “safe mode”. On most Android devices, press and hold the physical power button until the power off option appears on the screen, then long press Power off and select

Your phone will reboot. If all your apps reappear, you have a software problem. Often this situation is caused by the Launcher. Once you are in safe mode, go to your phone settings and find any launcher. If it’s the one you want to keep, clear the cache and data and reboot the phone. If you didn’t download it on purpose, uninstall it. Once you do this, all your apps will reappear when you restart your phone.

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It is not unusual for the Google Play Store to suddenly disappear from your Android device. Fortunately, it remains. The Google Play Store is a pre-installed app, so you can’t completely uninstall it from your phone.

The most common reason why the Play Store disappears is when you have disabled it on your device. By activating it, you have turned it back on.

An APK is an Android Package Kit or file that helps you install apps. Many Android users download APK files because the app hasn’t been released yet, or the app provides more functionality and freedom than the supervised apps on the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, some apps promote illegal piracy, causing them to be removed from the app store.

How To See Recently Deleted Apps On The Iphone

If you’re trying to recover APKs, it’s best to do a Google or DuckDuckGo search for missing or similar apps. Once you find it, download and install it like any other APK file.

How To See Recently Deleted Apps On Android

Although you can use any of the above methods to download your Android apps, it will take time. The best thing is to find a backup and do a full system restore. This method has some risks because you have to factory reset the device, which means you can

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